Blood Purification Business

To Provide Customers with the Precise Proposal from a Professional Perspective, We Refine Our Specialization.

In our Blood Purification Department, we deal with various medical equipments and pharmaceutical products that connect to blood purification treatment, especially specializing in hemodialysis. Specializing in the blood purification field, we refine our specialization to provide and proposal products of hemodialysis and various blood purification treatments to medical institution in a professional perspective.

Healthcare Business

To Provide Customers with High Quality Products

It is our mission to provide customers with the best quality products. For the medical consumables and devices used everyday in medical facilities, safety and functionality is required at the same time. In our Health Care Department, we utilize product knowledge that has been cultivated for many years to import high quality medical supplies from overseas. We select carefully and provide high value-added products to hospitals, clinics, and nursing care facilities throughout Japan.

Global Business

To Provide Customers Overseas with Innovative and High Quality Products

For many years, we have imported medical instruments and consumables from overseas to be distributed throughout Japan. Now, we listen carefully to customer needs from overseas to expand our business internationally providing high quality and innovative MADE IN JAPAN products.


Internet Sales Business

To Provide Customers with Selected Medical, Nusing Care, Beauty, and Healthcare Products through the Internet

To lead an affluent and healthy life, QOL(Quality of Life) is a important factor. We provide more than 10,000 products related to Medical, Nursing Care, Beauty, and Healthcare on our internet shop.
Since our company's backbone is specialized in the medical feild, we are able to select and provide products which we can fully support our customers' healthy life.

Animal Health Business

To Provide Customers with High Quality Veterinary and Animal Related Products.

We contribute to animal healthcare through providing high-quality products from around the world. It is also our mission to listen carefully to customer's needs and supply with the best solution.